George J Nassef Jr.

I am at heart a technologist and autodidactic.   I enjoy mentoring and leading others, programming computers, designing systems and solutions and scaling companies.   

I was born in Florida but grew up in North Carolina (Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Boone).  My father was born in New Bern, NC and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill pre-med in 1946 receiving his Medical Degree from Jefferson Medical College and specializing in OB/GYN surgery.  He later retraining for ACLS ER work and left OB/GYN for Emergency Surgery.  

My mother, Nancy Alice Nassef, was born in Keller, TX and trained as an architect and real estate agent.   Having traced and proved her lineage from the Massachusetts Bay Colony through the American Revolution, I was admitted to the Sons of the American Revolution in 2014.  There is also some evidence that she descended from George Washington's grandfather, but this is harder to know for sure. 

I have been using a keyboard since I was 9 years old and some say I am the fastest typist they've ever seen.  I am lucky to only need a few hours of sleep each night.  My specialty is creating mobile and cloud-based consumer-facing systems. I also possess the experience to implement solid process, project management, QA automation, and an organizational structure which scales. 

My interests in computers started at a very early age, deepened at companies like American Airlines, SABRE,, and startups like Namely, and Progyny.   I was fortunate to be able to hire, lead, mentor and be a member of many amazing teams.   I learned contract management, negotiation, budgeting, cost controls, and systems architecture from some of the best minds in computers at all stages of my career.

While creating several companies with friends and former coworkers, I focused on perfecting my hands-on skills in open source technologies, cloud, scaleable web, mobile development and big data collection.

My current projects include creating mobile applications for consumer entertainment, building robust cloud infrastructure for others, and technology consulting.   As a hobby project in 2015, I launched BrickSmart - The App That knows what your old lego bricks can build.

I am just starting to setup my webpages for my (future) charity at George Nassef dot org which will combat cyberbullying.

My hobbies include medical research, travel, hiking, and programming.

For the past year, I have been working at Progyny. Progyny is the leading life sciences company providing fertility patients with easy accessibility to high quality doctors, price transparency, and financing, coupled with extraordinary clinical expertise and proprietary clinical solutions.

Hired as CTO, building out initial data capabilities on AWS and growing team with solid engineering processes and methodology. Created manager and director level groups, mentored and hired to fill out organization structure from ground-up.

Then, Promoted to EVP Operations taking on 7 additional areas including Operations, Legal, Technology, Customer Service, and Provider/Clinic Contracting in addition to Engineering. Launched company's self-service mobile app and architected data-intensive and analytically-focused systems to improve gross margin analytics. Successfully grew revenue and technology operations from 2 to 15 clients while maintaining HIPAA qualifications, serving Fortune 500 clients with fertility benefits.

I am also fortunate to have been able to learn to fly helicopters in the couple of years before my son was born--something that I would like to eventually continue.  I continue to maintain my certifications but rarely have time to enjoy it.

If you would like to get in touch with me via encrypted email, my public key is below:  


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                                                           George J Nassef Jr.

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.
— Theodore Roosevelt
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