George Nassef


I am at heart a technologist. I enjoy the unique mix of challenges, risks, rewards, and problem solving which comes with creating something revolutionary versus evolutionary. I’ve been fortunate to have been an officer through two IPOs and two private exits of household brand name technology companies and to be mentored by some of the titans in today in technology, venture capital, private equity, medicine, travel, banking and business. I prefer to automate rather than do the same things over and over manually. I love training and coaching and believe it is far better to “teach a person to fish” than to “feed them for a day.”


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My interests in computers started at a very early age, deepened at companies like American Airlines (AAL), SABRE (TSG), Oppenheimer (OPY), (YHOO) and startups like Stadium Goods (FTCH), BizTravel, OpenHour, Namely, ValetNoir and my current consulting company Latest Edge.   I was fortunate to be able to hire, lead, mentor and be a member of many amazing teams across industries in travel, banking, retail and HR.


Originally a graduate of Texas A&M University (Computer Science/Math/Finance), I remain current (and hands-on) by dedicating time to coding and online learning from recognized institutions.


My current projects include creating applied machine learning algorithms (supervised, unsupervised, deep, and classification learning) in Python on AWS to solve Fintech problems. My hobbies include medical research, travel, hiking, and programming. I am also fortunate to have been able to learn to fly helicopters in the couple of years before my son was born--something that I would like to eventually continue.


I was born in Florida but grew up in North Carolina (Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Boone).  My father was born in New Bern, NC and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill pre-med in 1946 receiving his Medical Degree from Jefferson Medical College and specializing in OB/GYN surgery.  He later retraining for ACLS ER work and left OB/GYN for Emergency Surgery.  My mother, Nancy Nassef, was born in Keller, TX and trained as an architect and real estate agent. Having traced and proved her lineage from the Massachusetts Bay Colony through the American Revolution, I was admitted to the Sons of the American Revolution in 2014. 

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