George Nassef in the press by topic:

George Nassef in MobiHealthNews on Mobile-first architecture.

George Nassef in Wall Street Journal on scaling.

George Nassef in ComputerWorld on project management (prior to Agile!).

George Nassef in ComputerWorld on security and privacy.

George Nassef in ComputerWorld on “blitzscaling” for SuperBowl(R) ads.

George Nassef in New York Times on recruiting technology professionals.

George Nassef in InfoWorld career path of a CIO.

George Nassef in ITWorld importance of having vision.

George Nassef in ITWorld on waterfall Project Management.

George Nassef in ComputerWorld on early Data Science (prior to ML & Pandas!).

George Nassef in HotJobs SEC Filing


Past Boards & Advisory Positions

ValetNoir, Biztravel.comHotJobs, Advertising, MIVA, Namely and OpenHour, Stadium Goods

Past Awards

I am very proud to be associated with teams that have won recognition for their work, like the Webby, FastCompany, and 40 under 40.


My  linkedin website is here. Here are some miscellaneous websites which I love to use from time to time.   I have placed my favorite pins on Pinterest at:  George Nassef on Pinterest  and I am an avid user of for tracing lineage; though I am an avid user of StackOverflow/Exchange and GitHub, I rarely have time to provide as many answers as I would like.